Freedom Schools Austin Invites SaulPaul’s to share New Book, Rise and Experiences New Music from SaulPaul’s Album, We Dream in 3D Music

On July 11th, 2017, SaulPaul visited the Freedom School in Austin, Texas to share his book, Rise, featuring inspirational lyrics, to the children attending this special literacy and life changing summer program. The day started out with SaulPaul reading his book, Rise, aloud to the kids. The students were quickly attracted to the bright and colorful images found on the pages of this new book.

The book, Rise, is named after SaulPaul’s popular song. He was especially excited to brings the lyrics to life with wonderful visual and colorful images that speak to an ethnically diverse audience. Once SaulPaul finished reading, the kids sang along to the song. After all this, SaulPaul performed songs for the kids featured from his new album, We Dream in 3D. It was an inspiration for the kids to continue read and do well in school so they can follow their dreams.

  • SaulPaul with the Children at Freedom School Austin
    SaulPaul with the children at the Freedom School Austin

The Freedom School in Austin is a summer program for children to advocate them to become future leaders. It deepens the community’s investment in children, and the program helps boost a child’s motivation to read. It also helps promote more positive attitudes towards science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math.

Freedom School serves children who most need and yet can least afford summer learning opportunities. Championing the cause to defeat summer learning loss and giving every child an opportunity to succeed is the foundation of  Freedom School.