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From social misfit to social good, SaulPaul is a Musician with a Message. Engaging youth audiences through interactive music in a way that produces positive results, SaulPaul encourages “education not incarceration” to at-risk youth. Performing live for over 100,000 students at schools, through advocacy organizations, and in correctional programs annually, SaulPaul brings hope and direction to young people using his own story and creative talents as inspiration.


At TEDxYouth@Austin, in the spirit of ideas worth spreading, SaulPaul presented “Re:Start Your Life” to high school students. “Using his tasteful rhymes and freestyle raps, SaulPaul incorporates his unique style with his guitar and loop pedal; his powerful voice and brings his inspiring message to the world.” SaulPaul’s music allows him to capture the attention of diverse crowds to deliver a relevant message through the example of his own life story.


From transitioning middle and high school students in metro Atlanta to a district in the backwoods of Little Rock, AR, SaulPaul’s music is influential. Touching the hearts and minds of students through live performances at home and abroad, there is social good in SaulPaul’s message. In classrooms, at professional conferences, or as a youth mentor, SaulPaul encourages positive decisions for positive results; using his story as evidence.

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