SaulPaul Visits the Northwest to Deliver Inspirational Message to Youth

Photo: The Skanner Newspaper
Photo: The Skanner Newspaper
“Rise, rise and open your eyes. Now is the time for you to shine. Rise, rise and open your eyes. Now is the time for you to shine.”

That was the message acoustic rap artist SaulPaul brought to youth in Portland last week. Wearing a tee-shirt emblazoned with the words, Education Not Incarceration, he spoke to children and teens involved in the juvenile justice system at a special event in the Multnomah County boardroom, Feb. 5.

The next day he took the same message of hope and encouragement to youth in the Donald E. Long juvenile detention center…

Children and teens crowded around SaulPaul after the presentation, getting their photos taken, sharing their dreams and asking him for advice and support. He promised to return to Portland later this year.

During his week in the Northwest, he met with staff at education nonprofit Self Enhancement Inc. and POIC alternative school. He also took a short trip to Seattle. He will definitely be coming back in September, he says, but hopes to visit in summer as well, and build long-lasting connections.

“There’s plenty of work to be done here,” he said.


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View the photos from SaulPaul’s visit on Flickr.

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