Decker Middle School is a proud “No Place For Hate” school. After having met SaulPaul at the No Place for Hate Knowing this, it is not a surprise that the school went all out during Red Ribbon Week to spread the message that they will not and do not tolerate the usage of drugs or bullying. During the week Decker Middle School had days like, “Team Up Against Drugs”, were students and faculty wore their favorite team’s jersey.

The faculty knew that dressing up would be a great way to create awareness during Red Ribbon Week, but they knew they were missing something. Someone to inspire the students. Someone who can relate to the students. Someone like SaulPaul. All it took was a phone call and SaulPaul was all in. He performed music and encouraged the students to Dream in 3D. He reminded them that it is hard to follow your dreams without making positive choices.

For SaulPaul, to “Dream in 3D” means making your dreams a reality. When you live life on purpose you will make choices that line up with that purpose that bring you closer to accomplishing your goals.

In between sharing his music and message, SaulPaul with the whole school, we snagged a couple of photos.