SaulPaul teaching the Camp how to Chunk the DeuceSaulPaul recently visited the Hip Hop Architecture Camp at Huston Tilloston University in Austin where he empowered them to use songwriting and music production to uplift their community. As a songwriter and producer himself, SaulPaul was able to share his own experience with the youth. The main part of this experience was SaulPaul’s newest album, We Dream in 3D. The lyrics of the songs on the album, like in Rise and Encouragement, are meant to inspire and empower anyone who hears them. Though this experience, SaulPaul was able to demonstrate how youth can use their songwriting and music production to uplift their community at the Hip Hop Architecture Camp.

About Hip Hop Architecture Camp

The Hip Hop Architecture Camp is a week long program that comes to different cities across the country. They teach kids about architecture, urban planning, creative space making, and economic development through the lens of hip hop culture. They teach the “4C’s”, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking and at the end of the week, they present their plans through a track and music video.