Fender Showroom SaulPaul

Pictured left to right, David Murray, SaulPaul, and Jeff Van Zandt.

SaulPaul was invited to the “Notes in Time” television series produced by ATXN and the Austin Music Office. Hosted by David Murray, it showcases outstanding musicians based in Austin – the live music capital of the world, to give an inside look at what motivates these high-caliber artists to do what it is they do best – perform and inspire.

Set in Fender’s Showroom on the Soundcheck lot, SaulPaul was greeted by Dave Murray and Fender artist relations manager, Jeff Van Zandt. SaulPaul performed in an iconic Austin location, decorated by dozens of Fender limited edition guitars and  amps, even one famously played by Eric Clapton.

During the interview, SaulPaul shared the meaning behind his lyrics, his motivation behind his musical career, snippets from his book, “Dream in 3D,” and his app that pairs with it. He shared his excitement about his international tour in Europe and what inspired his new album, which hits stores this June. The real treat came at the end of the interview, after SaulPaul’s exclusive perfomance with one of his hit songs “Rise.” Fender’s Jeff Van Zandt, made everything official when he graciously handed SaulPaul a brand new Fender classical acoustic guitar to take home with him after the studio performance. SaulPaul was honored and humbled by the gift and looks forward to ongoing opportunities to work with Fender.


About Notes in Time:

Notes in Time is a 2015 Lone Star Emmy Nominee. The show preserves and promotes Austin music and history. Past artists include Malford Milligan, Gina Chavez, Eliza Gilkyson, Denny Freeman, Jackie Venson, and now SaulPaul. Look out for the release of the series coming soon to a television near you.