SaulPaul Kicks off the School Year Empowering Teens to Shine Right Now

SaulPaul has been on the road touring the country and spreading his message of inspiration and empowerment. Taking a quick break from being on tour, SaulPaul stopped by at Manor High School to kick off their school year.

As a musician with a message SaulPaul wanted to give back to his fans, supporters, and fellow artists,”For this album, I took some of my most popular songs and remixed them featuring some of  the 100,000+ young people I’ve entertained, inspired and empowered  over the years”, says SaulPaul. A true work of inspiration and appreciation the album, “We Dream In 3D“, is truly what SaulPaul’s message is about.

About the Album

Set to be released on September 26th,”We Dream in 3D” is a remixed, re-imagined compilation and collaboration with some of SaulPaul’s best work and some of his best fans being featured on the album. Making the album was not only a musical endeavor but also an inspiration for the bright and colorful children’s book “Rise”. Check out the album, book, and more here.