Newsflash!!! SaulPaul just found out that he will be doing his 1st Presidential Keynote Recap Rap. While SaulPaul has been creating Recap Raps for SXSW since 2010, this is certainly a highlight in his musical career.

For over the past six years, SXSW has hired SaulPaul to listen to the Keynote Speaker speak for an hour, create a song in the next hour (live on the spot at SXSW) and recap what the keynote speaker spoke about.

Over the years SaulPaul has met some cool people and covered some extensive content, including:

  • Ray Kurzweil. He invented Siri. He’s why you can talk to your phone and it can talk back.
  • Elon Musk. He invented PayPal. And Tesla (Electric Cars). And SpaceX (Rocketships). He’s like a real life Tony Stark/Iron Man).

Stay tuned and visit SXSW daily after each SXSW Interactive Keynote to hear the latest song.