Live from the Red Carpet

It was an awesome experience to head out to Los Angeles for the live Grammy awards ceremony experience. From nomination parties to the actual Grammy ceremony and so much more, SaulPaul was truly excited to attend the Grammys and meet some awesome people.

While in town, SaulPaul also performed at Kulak’s Woodshed in North Hollywood at the Grammy Indie Collaborative for Recording Academy members.

Each person pictured below is either a Grammy Governor like SaulPaul, a Grammy winner, Grammy nominee or Grammy Member. Passionate creatives who pursue music professionally at the highest level. To each of them and everyone not pictured, he says #Salue. Here’s some pics from the Premiere Ceremony. The part of the day where they award the majority of the Grammys. Pictured here: Kirk Franklin, Tamela Mann and Chance the Rapper. They also had some amazing performances.