As a new board member of the Children’s Music Network, SaulPaul was honored to welcome attendees, along with other board members, to kick off the 2021 Children’s Music Network Conference. The start of the conference kicked off with community and a warm message of coming together. This year’s theme is “Together Tomorrow.” Given all the changes in the past year and a half with the pandemic, it was exciting to celebrate being together and looking forward to the future. This year the conference went virtual but CMN is excited for the future opportunity when everyone will be face to face with each other soon.

Though SaulPaul has been recently invited as a CMN board member, he has been working with CMN, hosting Be the Change monthly affinity groups with Wendy & DB. SaulPaul will launch a special initiative this year – stay tuned for more details!

About Children’s Music Network

The Children’s Music Network celebrates the positive power of music in the lives of children by sharing songs, exchanging ideas and creating community. The chapters work to support the creation and dissemination of life-affirming, multicultural musical forms for, by and with young people. CMN regional chapters all around the country organize both local and regional gatherings which are open to CMN members and non-members alike.