SaulPaul Day 2018 - Rise

SaulPaul Day 2018 – Rise

June 12th was officially declared SaulPaul Day by the City of Austin and the celebration has continued throughout the years. The 2018 SaulPaul Day of Service and Celebration of Community was bigger and more jam-packed than ever.

The first stop was at Pecan Springs Early College Prep Elementary at the Freedom Schools Summer Program. The students were delightfully surprised to hear he and his team were treating them to a pop up festival and live concert experience. They enjoyed many of the festival activities that were set up. From the inspired Dream Zone to when SaulPaul got the kids dancing and rocked them with the Texas Two-Step. It was a memorable time.

Later in the day, SaulPaul popped up with his team at the Andy Roddick Foundation summer camp. From live music to fun activities and prizes given out to all, it was an awesome day of service and celebration of community!!!

Special guest volunteers from Personify joined SaulPaul Day and it continues to grow every year!!! Look out for more next year!!!


  • Throwing up with deuces!