On tour this summer, SaulPaul performed live in Washington D.C. as the keynote performer for the Annual Credit Builders Alliance Symposium.  The audience surprised him with a standing ovation after his performance and many met him after the event with their own personal stories.

As an artist, entrepreneur and activist, SaulPaul’s message carries a personally lived tragedy-to-triumph story. He was more than equipped to speak to those in the room at the Westin City Center in Washington D.C.  about living your best life and rediscovering your passion. The attendees were entertained and inspired and very much received the empowerment to continue to serve those in their community across the country.

About Credit Builder’s Alliance

Credit Builders Alliance (CBA) is an innovative national nonprofit network dedicated to building the capacity of a diverse and growing network of hundreds of nonprofits across the country.

CBA was created by and for our nonprofit members as a bridge to the modern credit reporting system to help millions of individuals with poor or no credit participate in the mainstream financial system by building credit.