SaulPaul was glad to be a part of the Founders First Panel that discussed new new models and solutions to help employers attract, develop, and retain diverse STEM talent.

SaulPaul was featured on the panel along with Liliana Monge of Sabio, a Coding Bootcamp, Christopher Graham of National University and Kim Folsom of FoundersFirst. For SaulPaul, the SaulPaul Foundation has an amazing STEM Program where we help young people go FROM POTENTIAL TO POLISHED and get equipped to be employed in the world of tech.

Some of the topics that were discussed included different programs and practices that could help attract and train new STEM telent, the current STEM career requirements in corporations and the current challenges with them and how current STEM employees can improve their skills and have new opportunities.

The event was meant for companies who are interested and currently have STEM employees or want to hire emerging STEM talent. With the information discussed here, companies can improve what they are doing to include and keep more talent in STEM related fields.

You can check out the full panel here.