SaulPaul kicked off the Youth Leadership and Wellness Summit from the LRJ Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia this week. The theme for the summit this year was, “We have Decided”. The event instills confidence, helps youth build resilience, identify stressors, and also helps middle schools students learn behaviors that can best support their mental health. Students attended several workshops including SaulPaul’s workshop on resiliency. At the end of the event, youth and adult leaders who attended the event closed out the first annual summit with music and dancing to SaulPaul’s Texas Two Step.

About the LRJ Foundation

The Lou Ruspi Jr. Foundation, or LRJ, is a private, non-profit organization that seeks to to improve mental wellness and suicide prevention through interactive educational programming to school districts and the community. The focus on real-life experiences and discussions. Their “wear yellow #BetterThanYesterday” movement encourages people to wear yellow to spread well-being and happiness through education, optimism, and promote positive self-care.