SaulPaul connected with fans and entertained this June at the 7th National Conference on Community and Restorative Justice, or NACRJ! This bi-annual conference promotes effective forms of justice against conflict and crime through community building and discourse.  SaulPaul was there to perform and connect with attendees through his inspiring music and conversation offstage with fans and other audience members. Everyone had a great time meeting and discussing justice issues that really mattered to them. The theme was “Shaping Justice for the 21st Century” and the conference ran June 14-16. Keynote speakers, other attendees, and performers had a good time gathering together in support of NACRJ and their social work for safer communities.  The conference was full of people with passion and positivity. SaulPaul was able to do what he loved by singing his songs and meeting lots of great people who were passionate about good work and community-building. It was a fun and song-filled conference dedicated to brightening lives in the community!


The National Association of Community and Restorative Justice promotes effective forms of justice that are equitable, sustainable and socially constructive. It serves as the parent organization for the National Conference on Restorative Justice and provides its members with information applicable to restorative and community justice theory and practice. The association uses principles of social and restorative justice to assist educators, practitioners and others to seek transformation in the ways justice questions are addressed within the United States.