On June 5th, SaulPaul celebrated in style with the Western Area Links conference at their 44th conference to date. The event was hosted right in Austin, the live music capital. Attendees enjoyed SaulPaul’s uplifting live music, as well as the inspiring speakers who were dedicated to the philanthropic work of Links Incorporated in the Austin area. The event was hosted at the popular J.W. Marriott in the heart of downtown Austin. Many speakers shined and inspired. The conference was one of connection, high spirits and celebration that exemplified the Link’s motto: “Linked in friendship, connected in service.” Music played a big part in adding some fun entertainment to the event and SaulPaul was ready to perform with his signature rap style! The conference was a successful 6-day event, which was ultimately able to connect and inspire through celebration of the Link’s good work- and a bit of song!

About The Links, Western Area

The Link’s became a national presence in 1949, and the Western area Links became a formal unit in 1954 as one of the Link’s four geographical areas. Today, the Western Area’s 60 chapters are characterized by leadership, award-winning programs, and warm, interpersonal relationships between and among members of their respective chapters and beyond. The Western Area is known for its innovative work. Western Area Links philanthropy  through the years has formed a legacy that emphasizes service and friendship. They aim to make a difference in transforming the lives of people of African ancestry and of the global community.