SaulPaul at Broward CountyWhile on his We Dream in 3D Tour, one of SaulPaul’s stops included the Broward County Detention Center in Florida. SaulPaul shared his art and heart through his music.  “My life changed when I started developing a vision for my life,” shared SaulPaul. By popular demand, SaulPaul freestyled with words from the crowd. He also performed songs off his new album, We Dream in 3D which are his popular songs re-imagined, remixed, and all meant to inspire. SaulPaul also touched upon chapters from his book, Dream in 3D and encouraged them to discover their gifts and talents. After a Q&A answer session after his performance, those in attendance did not want the event to end. SaulPaul brought his music to inspire, empower, and entertain. Major Brackly. who oversaw the whole event, shared how moved everyone was after SaulPaul’s visit.