SaulPaul Brings Music and Hope to Prime Time Summer Academy

SaulPaul and the kids of Prime Time AcademyRecently, SaulPaul visited Prime Time Summer Academy and brought music and inspiration to the children participating. SaulPaul performed some of his most popular tunes like Do that Hula Hoop which kids got up and had fun participating in. Along with the performance, each students received a copy of a coloring book based off of SaulPaul’s song RISE. SaulPaul even took some time and autographed them. The book is full of images that are fun and inspirational sayings that kids can enjoy along with lyrics from his song. While SaulPaul was there, the kids also participated in sharing what they wanted to be when they grow up. The kids had a lot of fun enjoying the music, the book, the inspiration ¬†and encouragement that SaulPaul had brought.