SaulPaul Day at City Hall

It’s official!

June 12th is now and forever SaulPaul Day! Through hard work and great music, SaulPaul was awarded by The City Of Austin his very own day. At the city council meeting, he received recognition for his service to the City of Austin as well as an official music proclamation.

There he shared his story through his new single, Mama. From the crowd who came to support SaulPaul, to the city council members, he captured everyone’s attention as he performed and announced his proclamations. One, you should partake in Rudy’s famous barbecue and two, always remember to “chunk the deuce” to foolishness. If you aren’t familiar with the saying, he explains how it means to keep foolishness out of your life. Anyone who was there could tell you how eventful this was and how it was such a motivational experience.

SaulPaul Day 2014 was also the official launch of The SaulPaul +Social Good Summer Tour in partnership with the United Nations Foundation.

Listen to SaulPaul’s song, Mama, below: