SaulPaul and his new Fender Classical Acoustic Guitar at American Youthworks.

SaulPaul and his new Fender Classical Acoustic Guitar at American Youthworks after a live performance.

An experience to remember for a lifetime, SaulPaul is always full of surprises. Whether he’s performing live, doing one of his infamous freestyles, or simply inspiring people to follow their passions in life, no one truly knows what to expect when SaulPaul enters the room.

SaulPaul has only had his new Fender guitar for two days and has already played two shows with his new guitar.

SaulPaul was asked to appear at the American YouthWorks center in hopes of reaching out to students who will be embarking on a new career path through his award-winning music and powerful lyrical life lessons. While it can feel overwhelming for youth to decide on a career path these days and may sometimes feel easier to just simply go with the flow, SaulPaul challenged the students to Dream in 3D and make their dreams a reality.

Using his newly gifted Fender classical acoustic guitar, SaulPaul kept it real with the youth at American Youthworks. He shared some of his life experiences; giving tips on what it takes to become successful and how he made it in the music industry. Using his musical talents to keep everyone engaged, he enlightened the room by giving them a whole new zest for life. The vibe of the room was on point; kids were laughing and many were eager to take the chance to show off their rap and singing skills.

With an upcoming international tour, people from all over the world are excited to see the inspiring, new and original sounds of SaulPaul with his brand new Fender classical acoustic guitar and his looper pedals.