SaulPaul first met singer, songwriter Adee as part of Global Music Match. The special virtual experience was made by Folk Alliance International to connect musicians from all over the world through a virtual setting. For SaulPaul, he not only had special interviews with amazing musicians, he collaborated with Adee to make an exclusive song comissioned by Folk Alliance. The result was “Just Be” which shows off SaulPaul’s guitar playing and rapping and Adee’s vocals.

In an exclusive, SaulPaul told American Blues Scene, “While producing this song, I knew I wanted something simple that would showcase Adee’s AMAZING voice and something with some bounce in it that I could have some fun with lyrically. As it turned out, one day while in the studio plucking around on the guitar I stumbled across the riff that’s featured in the song…And I knew that was it. I had found what I was looking for. I knew I had to just let it be. Thus the title: ‘Just Be’.”

You can check out the full article from American Blues Scene here and check out the new music video here.

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Global Music Match is a network to promote artists in new territories, develop social media skills and interaction, grow audiences and connect musicians globally. Each week during the event, one band/musician from each country will ‘introduce’ another artist from a different country, engaging with them on social media to cross promote to their audiences.

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