SaulPaul performed and shared an encouraging message at the Austin Pathways’ 18th Annual Scholarship Ceremony: Celebrating Excellence and Bringing Opportunity Home. The Musician with a Message entertained, inspired and empowered the 36 scholarship recipients and their families. He addressed the scholars inspiring them to Dream in 3D and shared his life journey with the audience. Many of the recipients were swept away by his inspiring story. It was exciting to meet these new scholars and to wish them the very best on their new venture.

About Austin Pathways:

Austin Pathways provides scholarships to eligible residents who are living in HACA’s housing communities and this support enables these individuals – most of whom are the first in their family to attend college – to build the knowledge and skills need to be economically successful and independent of public assistance. Over the past 17 years, more than 400 renewable scholarships have been awarded for a total of over $1 million invested.

The journey toward self-sufficiency is different for each individual and family. Diverse paths of varying lengths all lead to greater independence. HACA and its team support HACA residents and their unique paths – connecting young adults and seniors to services that serve as a springboard for economic independence.