Caldwell Elementary Arts Academy in Tyler, Texas welcomed SaulPaul to present a 2 day workshop and teaching artist experience with their students about Untold Stories and his artists residency program on the Art and Power of Storytelling. He infused his story through his music and in addition to presenting, he led several interactive workshops and breakout sessions for students across K-8th grade. The students were also empowered to share their own stories. By the end of the sessions, there were still many more students in the audience who desired to share their story after being inspired by SaulPaul’s music and message. The sessions did not end with the the students though, SaulPaul returned to the school to share his music with family members in an exciting performance full of dancing, singing and interactive experiences for the whole family. You can check out a news article at:¬†

About Caldwell Elementary Arts Academy

Caldwell Elementary Arts Academy is committed to enhancing the whole child through the arts. We work to create a unique learning community for students and staff that supports artistic expression, leadership growth, and academic rigor. CEAA participates in The Kennedy Centers Arts Education Network. This learning platform allows our staff to authentically integrate the Arts to our core curriculum.