Classes have moved online throughout the country and Eanes Elementary is no exception. Since everything has shifted to the digital space, SaulPaul has performed at galas, conferences, spoken at virtual fundraisers, hosted events and even sent virtual shout outs to students through social media channels and the Be the Change Network. With relationships with key individuals throughout the country, it has been amazing to see how interconnected we can continue to be using technology.

Recently, a request came across his desk for a virtual classroom visit. SaulPaul was excited to respond to the special request that came in from one of the SaulPaul All Stars here in his hometown of Austin, TX. His immediate answer… “Yes!” He was excited to check in with these students and provide some unexpected fun in the morning and some words of wisdom!!!

After performing a few songs, the students had lots of questions!!! SaulPaul updated them on what he has been working on since everything has changed and also fielded their inquiries about his guitar skills. It was a virtual interactive experience that got everyone out of their seats and dancing in their own homes.