SaulPaul performed and provided entertainment, inspiration and empowerment to the next generation during the Forge For Families Year End Summer Celebration.Everyone in attendance, from kindergarten to young professionals had a great time! This special concert sponsored through the Texas Commission of the Arts, included music, dancing combined in an outdoor celebration. Adding to the fun, there was lots of hula hooping and dancing in addition to games and activities for the kids to enjoy. SaulPaul was excited to play a part in celebrating the young people’s accomplishments accomplishments as they transition into the next school year.

About Forge For Families

Forge For Families, or also known as The Forge, provide after school activities, athletics and programs to to inspire and empower participants’ spiritual, educational and economic growth. Based in Houston, TX, they believe that loving our neighbors in the Third Ward means seeking the welfare of both individuals, and the city itself.