As an inaugural A2IM BIMA fellow, SaulPaul was recently highlighted on A2IM’s Featured Executive Column. The interview started with career highlights along SaulPaul’s journey. He’s a Musician with a Message, and along that path, he became an entrepreneur and businessman. He was also recently informed by his label (8 Pound Gorilla/Warner Music Group) that his album Okay To Be Different was submitted for Best Children’s Album in this year’s Grammys. The interview also highlights other career highlights like SaulPaul’s Alien Adventure and his trip to Sesame Street, where he debuted the premier episode of his children’s show SaulPaul’s PlayLand on live television. From giving keynotes at large corporations like Dell, Facebook and Adobe to performing live concerts, the one thing they have in common is the same message, Be the Change.

To read the full interview, check out the link here.

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