SaulPaul has been producing this year along with creating new collaborations with talented artists from across the globe. From his solo album to the most recent GRAMMY Nominated collaborative album! The album is nominated for Best Children’s Album of the Year and features other well-known children’s artists like Alphabet Rockers, Rissi Palmer, and more!!! SaulPaul’s song features the Internationally Remixed, song, “Motivation,” which is performed with Bongi and Collin of South Africa. SaulPaul shares, “It’s a South Austin meets South Africa style that includes the verses being sung in English and the chorus in Zulu. The song is redemption as two cultures become one.” This special album is a 25-track project from the newly organized 1 Tribe Collective celebrates the rich culture and diversity that Black voices bring to family music by presenting  the sounds of 24 family music artists from across the country. All One Tribe is streaming, and you can listen to the full album on Spotify here.

About All One Tribe

All One Tribe spans musical genres and is suitable for families and children of all ages. The tracklist addresses topics of STEM, vaccinations, family, Black history, and the beauty of  differences. Their collective single, “One Tribe” brings the artists together for an energetic expression of universal belonging and unity. “If we can dance together, we can live together,” the artists affirm.. “We are one love, one light, one heart, one mind, one tribe for life.”