SaulPaul was invited to be a guest host My KUTX, an hour long radio show that airs on Austin’s KUTX 98.9. For SaulPaul’s show, he was given the DJ keys to play any song and he made the creative choice to play curated songs that serve as the soundtrack of his “superhero origin story.” It was an eclectic mix from a musical catalogue, ranging from Sly and the Family Stone to Bill Withers and many more. He shared he songs that inspired his musical career as well as his community advocacy. Along with the playlist of select songs, he also included live performances of his classic songs “Rise” and “Mama.” Not one to end without surprised, he debuted one of his newest songs, “Ace It” which is set to release later this year but has already been instrumental in his work with the E3 Alliance’s ACE It program which encourages students to attend, commit and engage at school.

You can listen to the full show here.

About KUTX

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