dlAttachClass Paper Provides Business Blueprint… I feel that.

The long story of how Nike came to prominence started off with a vision, some partners and lots of hard work. In addition to overcoming some no’s from naysayers along the way, Nike succeeded.

50 years later and they are the leading brand for not only athletics footwear but also recreational apparel.

Today, I got to visit the world headquarters. It was fun, exciting, and at the same time like a dream. I can imagine it is comparable to going to Disneyland as a kid. (I never went as a kid, so that’s why I say imagine.)

While on tour at the headquarters before my meeting, I saw the first pair of Nike’s and the original sketched out Nike logo, which at the time got a startling, “maybe it will grow on me nod.”

I heard the whole story of how the partnership of Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight started and how they took their passion for athleticism and athletic foot wear that would give the athlete the competitive advantage.

I was encouraged by the cobble stone fountain and the symbolism between the cobblestone and business: business is like walking on cobblestone, it’s shaky ground.

The ultimate highlight was going to the Michael Jordan building and seeing the first pair of Jordans.

Imagine me, a little boy from the ghetto, wearing those first pair of Jordans as a kid and then years later going to the Nike world headquarters to talk business.

I’m just saying…Dream Big. Then Dream in 3D.