SaulPaul performed as a guest artist at the 2021 Notley Fellows Block Party in October. The event was held outdoors at the Zilker Lodge in Austin, Texas. This year’s new class of fellows was welcomed into the program and audience members had the opportunity to enter in a raffle for a chance to win prizes. SaulPaul took the stage encouraging engagement from the audience to celebrate their accomplishments. He presented, showing the young entrepreneurs what his music and company, Change Water, are doing to make the world a better place. The attendees joined together to dance, sing, freestyle, play games, and volunteer. Many of these future leaders felt empowered to share their new projects and launches, all created in an effort to improve the lives in their communities. #BeTheChange continues to kick-start new ideas and motivation in people of all ages.

About Notley Fellows

The Notley Fellowship is a two-year program for young professionals who are dedicated to social impact through programming and projects across industries. Fellows learn from and work directly with their community’s experts and leaders, contributing their talents and building upon their passions and networks. The completion of this program allows fellows to pick a community issue to begin to solve through a project of their own innovation or across an ecosystem.

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