I make music for people. All people. Young and old alike. I am an equal opportunity encourager. So to make sure that my youngest listeners get access to my music and my message, I decided to create a set of children’s books.

SaulPaul and Swan YouthThe first book in this series is Rise. The same hope, passion and inspiration that exudes from the song is reflected in the vibrant, energetic images in the book.

I partnered with Bianca Neal to serve as art director and collaborated with the very talented Sarah Stanford to assist in illustrating the images. I am very proud of the final product and confident that young people everywhere will enjoy it as well. As with every piece of art I create, I hope this too will serve as an inspiration, entertainment and as a resource.

RISE Book Cover by SaulPaul


SaulPaul_HeadshotSaulPaul, a Musician with a Message, redefines what it means to be a children’s author.

He has penned lyrics and worked with award winning recording artists whose album Dream in 3D was considered for a Children’s Album nomination for the Grammy’s. His book Dream in 3D has influenced multitudes. Now, he releases the highly anticipated book, RISE.

The lyrics to the song were written in the Live Music Capitol of the World, Austin, TX, but the songs was recorded in Nashville with the help of Grammy Winning, Platinum Selling Producer Billy Smiley.
The song itself features SaulPaul rapping, singing, beat boxing and playing percussion on the guitar.

SaulPaul has entertained & inspired audiences at amazing events and venues across the world. He has shared his story and his music at two TEDx Talks, Google HQ, the last 5 Super Bowls and the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. In addition, SaulPaul is the founder of ReRoute Outreach, a non-profit organization which helps at-risk and under privileged youth discover and develop their artistic and entrepreneurial skill sets. In part because of his art and part because of his heart, June 12th was deemed SaulPaul Day by the Mayor of Austin, TX, the Live Music Capitol of the World.

A Note to Teachers

With an inspirational message and colorful images, SaulPaul’s newest book Rise is not a read aloud must. It is a sing along must! Kids can harmonize to the book’s lyrics together in a group or from SaulPaul himself with the bonus CD included with each copy. Much like how they learned the alphabet, children learning to read will be able to start identifying the written words with what they are singing far easier than typical through song. In this way, children can learn the meanings of words with a positive association at an early age and have fun doing it!

A Note to Parents

Sitting and reading aloud can be one of the better bonding moments with children just short of enjoying meals together. Just imagine it: you sitting on the couch with either child by your side leaning in to get a better look at the book in your hands. Today it is SaulPaul’s first children’s book, Rise, and you have it open to the first colorful image depicted. Before long, both you and your children are not only reading, but singing along to the book’s positive message of reaching your potential.

Inspirational lyrics help your kids learn to read through music with while watching the various characters’ journeys made throughout the pages. In time, probably that very day even, they will start reading to you! These are the kind of memories and lessons that they are going to be carrying with them, so let’s make it count.


Praise from Educators:

  • What you did today was amazing! Those kids will take that experience with them forever.  You inspired everyone who watched the presentation today to be a better person. Thank you for your message and doing so much to inspire us!!!
  • I teach third grade at an elementary school you recently visited. Today I saw kids get more excited than they had been all year. I saw you pick a student after you heard he’d been in trouble for talking, and then explain the importance of giving people chances after they make mistakes. This much-needed message was heard by both students and teachers (both of whom need reminding).
  • Thank you! He changes the lives of our students and we are so grateful.
  • I saw students treat each other with respect, caring, sportsmanship, and admiration because of how they were positioned in your musical presentation. I heard a message that every one of them has a talent and they need to find it. I heard you tell them that they can all follow their dreams and that they don’t have to let bad choices slow them down. The teachers and kids all heard this while hearing your music, playing your video game, and listening to stories.