April 16th via SaulPaul’s Facebook Page:

I think I’m ballin. And I still can’t figure out why God likes me so much. So I got a call this morning. From the Sheriff. Yeah…he got my cell number. Crazy right? Anyway…he’s like…Hey, I got John Legend coming thru today. You should come by. Maybe you can perform a couple songs or sumthin. So I did. (I performed for an hour.) And that’s how my day started. So…I shared the stage with John Legend today. He’s good people. We have a lot in common. We both like music. And we both perform in prisons. And we both use our platform to empower people and touch lives. After I performed, I grabbed the best seat in the house. And then it got epic when he performed Ordinary People with some of the inmates on stage. He’s got 9 Grammys and rocking the suit, some of them are looking at 9 years or more in prison while rocking the jail stripes…but like the song says…We’re all just ordinary people.

John Legend has a new campaign he is supporting call #FreeAmerica. You can learn more by clicking here.

John Legend with Inmates John Legend at Jail