SaulPaul rapping on stage at the SYEP Summer Celebration.

The City of Seattle Youth Employment Program invited SaulPaul to be their inspiration and entertainment for their 2017 SYEP graduation ceremony.

Touring this summer from the East Coast to the West Coast, SaulPaul had to make it to the Pacific Northwest while on tour. He was especially excited to be invited by the City of Seattle HHSD. SaulPaul shared about his music career, entrepreneurial journey and building a successful career.

Sharing music from his new album, We Dream in 3D, SaulPaul encouraged the hundreds of youth in attendance to discover their gifts and talents and to take advantage of the opportunities before them. There were over 500+ graduates in attendance as part of the City of Seattle Youth Employment Program who enjoyed SaulPaul’s interactive and engaging musical performance.

Held at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, over half a dozen employers also joined the celebration as well as Mayor Ed Murray, Catherine Martin, Pacific Northwest Manager for Corporate Responsibility for JPMorgan Chase as well as representatives from companies such as Macy’s, FedEx and MOD Pizza, to name a few.

SaulPaul inspired the graduates with both his music and his message to keep following their dreams. One audience member shared after the event, “This was a great experience! SaulPaul was amazing. He was so fun and interactive.” He’s a great musician. He is inspiring to see where he has come from and what he is going now with his life. His story touched me. I am a musician too and I can really relate to him.

SaulPaul’s tour continues and he was especially excited to be part of this momentous life changing experience.

  • SaulPaul with Youth participating in SYEP of over 500+ attendees from the event.

About the Seattle Youth Employment Program

The Seattle Youth Employment Program (SYEP) is a program in Washington that provides internship opportunities that are aimed at meeting the employment needs of under-served youth and young adults in Washington’s community. They promote work readiness and strengthen career development to prepare and support youth to be ready for real-world jobs by giving them the tools to be competitive in the job market. It is an initiative of the City of Seattle and Mayor Ed Murray’s partnership with private sector partners to invest in youth employment and paid internships. The overall vision of the program is to prepare Seattle youth for meaningful and successful careers while creating a recruitment pipeline for local businesses seeking skilled workers. Since the program began, there have been over 5000+ employed youth.