From South Austin to South Africa, SaulPaul will be hosting artists from all over the world at this SXSW showcase! These amazing performers range in diversity. From the SaulPaul All Stars in Austin to performers coming all the way from South Africa to share the stage with SaulPaul, the genres vary from jazz to pop to rap and for the whole family!

To attend SaulPaul’s showcase and Day Party on March 14th, get more info here:

Artists sharing the stage with SaulPaul include:

Leading up to SXSW, SaulPaul is frequently asked what his message is, he simply responds, “Listen to the music.”┬áLately, lots of people have been listening. In 2018, SaulPaul had 2 popular songs climb the charts and become #1 hits on Sirius XM radio. In 2019, 1 of those songs was still on the charts! 18 weeks and counting!

Those that have followed SaulPaul’s career know that you never know what to expect. He headlined the Kiddie Stage both weekends at ACL. But he also officially showcased at the Folk Alliance Festival. He could drop a folk album or a trap album. (He’s done both.) When asked why he is so diverse, in his southern accent he replies, “Because that’s what true to me. I’m just doing me. I’m from the trap. And I play guitar & sing. It makes sense in my mind.” As the saying goes, “He started from the bottom and now he’s here.” But the question is…Where’s he headed next? Stay Tuned. If you want to stay up to date with SaulPaul’s SXSW Music Festival Showcase click here!