SaulPaul teamed up with Austin Jewish Academy’s (AJA) Karen Hidalgo for the 3rd year in a row for the Annual 5th Grade Poetry Slam. This poetry slam involved SaulPaul collaborating with students to perform his music students as well as students showcasing their self-written poetry. Seen as the highlight of 5th grade, it is an opportunity for teachers, parents, and the community to celebrate the students and their accomplishments at the end of the year. This year’s Slam Poetry Event was another success as SaulPaul and Austin Jewish Academy’s 5th graders were able to put on an inspiring and memorable performance to close out the school year.

About Austin Jewish Academy

Austin Jewish Academy (AJA) offers students new possibilities with hands-on experiential learning, social and emotional skill building, and exploration of timeless Jewish values. Students at AJA are empowered critical thinkers and compassionate problem-solvers. AJA’s vision is to inspire a community of students to transform the world.