SaulPaul first showcased “Okay to be Different” live at the the Tree Garden. With local artists and musicians, and events for all ages, it was an event for families to get back out and enjoy entertainment and community after a year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The process for releasing “Okay to be Different” was different then SaulPaul’s usual way of making music. The live performances, the people he meets and the audiences he peforms for influence how albums will usually turn out, but this album went from internal to studio instead of external to studio. Still it does not take away from the positive message of loving yourself and loving others. This community event was a perfect time for families to show love to each other and be inspired to Be the Change.

About TreeGarden

Surrounded by the trees and gardens of East Austin, TreeGarden hosts creative programs and special happenings to nurture and inspire collaboration within the community. TreeGarden hosts workshops, showcases inspiring art in the TreeGarden Studio, live music on the outdoor backyard stage and so much more. Whitney Brandon, the Cultivator at TreeGarden + Farmer at Blue Butterfly Farm, loves cultivating for the community.