This month, SaulPaul kicks off his Be the Change Challenge! It coincides with the release of his album entitled, Be the Change!

As a Musician with a Message, SaulPaul has been sharing his art and heart for over a decade and is excited to release this timely album. As importantly, he is launching the Be the Change Challenge for leaders, communities and people across the country.

From SaulPaul

Today, I challenge you to embark on the Be The Change Challenge!

If you’re a parent or caregiver, do it with your kids. If you’re a teacher or educator, do it with your students, classroom! If you are a student, challenge your classmates or school! If you are a community leader, do it with your community!!!

It is simple to join.

Do good! Document it! Share it!

What is next???

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  2. Complete the daily challenges and post them on social media. You can even make them up on your own. But do not forget to tag them #BetheChangeChallenge

  3. Need help with ideas? Follow @SaulPaul on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for ideas or scroll down below to kick start the competition.

Accepting the Challenge is simple – Just choose 30 acts of kindness, one for each day, to do by yourself our with a group…and START!

Be the Change Challenge

About the challenge:

Sometimes it feels like we could all be more kind. Whether you are parent, teacher, or adult, you are one of the biggest influences on children and can play a significant role in how they treat others. Children watch what we do and follow in our footsteps. They depend on us to show them how to be caring and help others, and no matter how old a child is, now is the perfect time to start teaching them how to be kind.
Doing acts of kindness will not only show kids how to be kind to others but also show them how to help others. By doing these small and simple acts of kindness with children, you will not only teach them about compassion but also how easy it is to be kind to others.

Be The Change Challenge

Doing random acts of kindness is easy and fun! To start the 30-Day Be The Change Challenge with your youth, you can create your own ideas or start with the list we have below. There are more than 50 ideas listed on the challenge sheet. For the next 30 days, choose 1 of the items to do with your kids each day.
When an act of kindness is completed, put a check-mark next to that item.


What are you doing to Be the Change in your family, workplace, or larger community? We want to share your story.

Send us your story and share on social media with #BTCchallenge

#BTC Challenge list:

1. Compliment someone

2. Leave a treat or a thank you sign for the mailman

3. Buy a gift card for the person behind you in line

4. Make baked goods for your neighbors

5. Smile at someone

6. Donate unused toys to those in need

7. Leave a BIG tip

8. Send a thank-you card to someone

9. Pay for a stranger’s meal

10. Plant a flower or tree and watch it grow

11. Say thank you and please more

12. Volunteer

13. Open the door for someone

14. Offer to do yard work for a neighbor

15. Send a care package to a soldier

16. Pick up trash

17. Send a handwritten letter

18. Leave change in a vending machine

19. Let someone go before you in line

20. Pay someone a compliment

21. Buy groceries for a family in need

22. Make breakfast for a family member

23. Donate to charity

24. Give a teacher a thank-you gift

25. Help someone elderly

26. Prepare a meal for your family

27. Donate outgrown clothes

28. Plan a surprise party for someone

29. Volunteer at a retirement home

30. Host a free lemonade stand

31. Hold the elevator

32. Do another family member’s chores

33. Pay for someone’s bus/cab/Uber fare

34. Make hot chocolate for your family

35. Leave an encouraging note on a car

36. Pay the adoption fee for a rescue animal

37. Donate your hair to a good cause

38. Hide money in a book for people to find

39. Be kind to others

40. Create inspiring chalk art at the park

41. Donate books to the library

42. Write a letter to a family member telling them that you can’t wait to see them again

43. Draw a picture for your favorite family member and tell them how much you love them

44. Start a garden/grow a plant

45. Give a book you are no longer reading to a school/library

46. Bring groceries to your family

47. Make some bird feeders for your backyard

48. Start a letter writing club with your class and pick another class across the country or overseas

49. Clean up your local park

50. Do things for someone who can’t in your community (walk a dog, collect mail, mow the lawn, etc.)

51. Write a letter to your teacher thanking them for teaching you.

52. Help a family during the holidays

53. Donate clothing to a homeless shelter

54. Donate food to a pantry

55. Make a card for someone in a nursing home

56. Make a care package

57. Donate old DVDs to a hospital

58. Bring food to a homeless shelter or pantry

59. Raise money for a non-profit

60. Wave at someone