Coming off the launch of SaulPaul’s latest album release, Be the Change, SaulPaul was invited by Bill Child’s to join him for an interview on his radio show, Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child. The spoke of the initial debut of SaulPaul’s “Rise” that was first played during the radio show and eventually hit the charts. Rise has now become a mainstay for the syndicated radio show and other shows across the country. SaulPaul caught up with Bill to discuss his new song, “I Am Enough.” Along with this song and the full album, he wants to empower youth to being a change in their community, the world that they live in now. The album features new music as well as new collaborations.
You can listen to the interview and the show below.

Listen to the interview here to listen to “I am Enough” and also hear more about the new album:

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