In the midst of Hurricane Ida which left millions of people displaced, SaulPaul and Change Water partnered with the Central Texas Food Bank to provide relief and basic resources. In support of the efforts, Change Water donated hundreds of water cases to Louisiana residents whose lives have certainly been forever changed following the impact of this Category 4 hurricane. Being from Houston, SaulPaul understands the impact hurricanes have on the lives of those directly hit.

SaulPaul was excited to partner with the Central Texas Food Bank, who as of September 9th, have distributed millions of pounds of relief supplies.  Though there is still extensive work to be done, the community’s ability to unite in care and aid for one another after a tragedy such as hurricane Ida is unmatched.

About Central Texas Food Bank

As members of Feeding America and Feeding Texas, they provided nearly 54 million meals to the community last year and are the largest hunger-relief charity in Central Texas. Sharing knowledge on inexpensive nutritional eating, while giving free food to those in need is a major priority, as well as, assisting families in federal assistance programs, and creating affordable options for charities and government partners.

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