Change Water has officially launched in Pittsburgh at its first site, CARES CommuniTEA Cafe! The launch was part of a live concert series featuring SaulPaul’s new album, Okay to Be Different and a partnership with PHiLTER Arts, a community arts, music and technology organization. SaulPaul, along with CARES CommuniTEA Cafe and PHiLTER Arts, came together to encourage the community to be #BeTheChange and CBS Pittsburgh was on site. During SaulPaul’s set, he highlighted the message that everyone has the power to be the change.

Check out the “Maker Stage,” in the video above to see the stage where SaulPaul performed. The “Maker Stage” is an ultra light stage that runs entirely on solar power. It is an innovative alternative to the traditional stage; PHiLTER Arts is inspiring the surrounding community and improving the green atmosphere of their city in hopes of a more clean planet through this new alternative.

CARES CommuniTEA Cafe

CARES CommuniTEA Cafe is a Hill District-based social enterprise that provides entrepreneurship and workforce training to youth and young adults, creating a hub for community networking and information sharing.