Photo taken by R. Vallejo of MOV Studios

This past week SaulPaul performed at Spiderhouse Ballroom where he performed for special guests and award winners at the YWCA Austin, Texas 110th year celebration. Their Annual Fabulous People Party honored local leaders for their roles in empowering women. He played several songs featured on his new album, We Dream in 3D, including Mama and Be the Change. The crowd even took to the dance floor when he played his two dance hits, Do That Hula Hoop and The Texas Two Step.

About the Album

We Dream In 3D is SaulPaul’s newest album that contains a collection of some of his most popular songs that have been remixed and remastered. After touring for his last album and performing for many young bright minded kids he decided not only to make and album for kids but to feature some of them on his music. As the musician with a message SaulPaul decided one of the best ways to deliver that message would be to give back to some of the fans who he has inspired and empowered through his performances. Check out more about the album We Dream In 3D here.

About the YWCA

Founded in 1907, the YWCA Greater Austin recognizes individuals who have made contributions to benefit their community. The YWCA services have evolved over time to keep up with the issues as well as the solutions in our communities. One of their primary goals is to help people recognize their privileges in a way that is not only useful but helps them learn that they can be part of the change.