Episode 17 | Jack Interviews SaulPaulSinger songwriter, and performer SaulPaul is no stranger to the world of interviews especially during time surrounding the release of his latest album We Dream in 3D. But now SaulPaul gets the opportunity to be the first interview for young interviewer Jack Culbertson aka Master Jack.
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In Master Jack’s debut interview he asks SaulPaul a series of thought provoking questions and some questions about SaulPaul’s music and the messages within those songs.

“What was your inspiration for the song Rise?”, SaulPaul responds with the chorus of the song that goes,” rise rise and open your eyes, now is the time for you to shine”, when he reflects to these words he states that it his goal to communicate to his audience that they can do anything now and not have to wait or plan for the future.

Master Jack then follows up with the question,”Have you ever tried something and failed, if so how did you keep going?” to which SaulPaul replies with having a different perspective being a key aspect of dealing with those kinds of experiences. He states, ” If I do something and I don’t like the results, I keep trying.” Which he also attributes to being the songwriter/ musician that he has become.

About The Album

We Dream in 3D is a compilation and collaboration of SaulPaul’s most popular songs with which he has featured his young artist fans/ friends to make a children’s album like no other. To find out more about the album click here.

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